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30 Day Detox Program 

Our 30 day detox program will help make you feel better, gain energy, and lose inches! Stop feeling sick and tired. Start having better memory and clearer thinking. Don't suffer from bloating and stomach problems. Body FX's Detox Program is one of the easiest detox programs to follow without wanting to quit. Stop suffering and start improving TODAY!


The 30 Day Program:


  • Take a health analyzer test to reveal your current health situation and will give you a report for what you need to focus and change so you could be your best. There will also be another test at the end of the program to see any improvement in health. (2 Health Analyzer Tests)

  • The Ionic Foot Detox will pull out toxins through your feet and the color that comes out will indicate what toxins you had in your body. (4 Ionic Foot Detox)

  • The Xtreme body wrap will pull left over toxins from your body. As it pulls these toxins out, the compression bandages will contour and firm your body to lose inches instantly! (2 Body Wraps)

  • Vibration Therapy will help your lymphatic system clear the toxins out of your body faster. This will help build muscle tone required to burn fat. (4 Vibration Therapy)

  • You will drink detox tea everyday. The taste is great and is refreshing. The tea will not make you run to the restroom like most colon detoxes. It will not require you to drink disgusting juices, you don't have to starve yourself and If done correctly, you can lose 5lbs in just 5 days! We will send you home with an easy to follow eating plan to go along with your tea. (1 Month Supply of Tea)

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