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Body FX offers Teeth Whitening


Body FX offers Teeth Whitening

Body FX wants you to have the whitest and brightest smile!

Having beautiful and healthy looking teeth is what our beauty

and wellness motto is about. 

We provide non-dental professional teeth whitening. Our process

is a simple two step process. It is a combination of our FDA approved

LED blue light, specifically designed for non-dental laser teeth whitening

and a mouth piece pre-filled with a custom percentage of hydrogen peroxide.

We also have an extra strength option for a more aggressive approach but be

aware of more teeth sensitivity with increase in hydrogen peroxide.


Our FDA approved non-dental gels are strong enough to enhance the whiteness of your teeth while enjoying a non-invasive teeth whitening experience. We don't use low 6% hydrogen peroxide gels like some non-dental spas because we believe the higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide the faster the results. But we also want to protect our clients when it comes to tooth sensitivity. Our gels aren't that high in concentration like dental practices that use up to 35% hydrogen peroxide. At that percentage, clients will feel extreme tooth sensitivity.


This whitening process is designed to safely remove years of staining from teeth. It is safe, effective, non-invasive, and is most importantly affordable. Why pay $400-$500 at a dental practice when you can achieve the same great results up to 8 shades lighter in as little as 20 to 60 minutes, with little to hardly any sensitivity.

Body FX offers Teeth Whitening
Body FX offers Teeth Whitening

The Process:

  • Trained Body FX technicians will provide a short consultation with the client answering questions and concerns before the procedure starts.

  • Before photos of the client's teeth will be taken with our oral camera and will be displayed on our LCD monitor for them to view.

  • The staff will instruct the client to self-adminster the prefilled mouth piece into their own mouths.

  • The technician will then position the whitening light accordingly to give you the most accurate whitening results.

  • Depending on the time needed, the client is then able to relax, read, or even nap during their session.

  • After each session, the client is required to remove the mouth tray and wipe their teeth clean to either end their session or to start another series of sessions in one sitting.

  • After the entire treatment is done, the technician will take an after photo of the client's results. The before & after photo will then be displayed on our 8" LCD screen for them to view. A photo print out will be given upon request for the client to take home. Not many teeth whitening places has this added bonus because Body FX always goes the extra mile for our clients!



Host a teeth whitening party at your home with your friends and family. It’s your time to be pampered so we come to you. Let us enhance your smile. Where else can you get your teeth whitened in the relaxing privacy of your own home at an incredibly low price? The best part is the host receives a whitening FREE!

* 4 person minimum. $25 + Travel fee may apply.


Each Guest ........................................................................... $99

body fx teeth whitening home parties
Body FX offers Teeth Whitening Pens
body fx teeth whitening pens

Body FX Teeth Whitening Pen - Maintenance Product


After Care is important to keep a beautiful white smile.

Our preventative whitening pens are highly recommended.

Teeth are porous and will gradually start to stain the teeth again. In order to prolong the laser whitening results achieved, maintenance is key!


Our FDA approved pen-like applicators contain 10% hydrogen peroxide for instant results, while other "well known" whitening pens and strips only contain 5.25% hydrogen peroxide.

2ml tube can be applied 2X a day. 30 days of applications.


  • Mess-Free

  • Portable

  • Easy to use

  • Great for targeting problem areas

        like single teeth or between teeth


Price: $24.00 (Originally $29.99)

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