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Body FX Lash Extensions

Are you wanting a sultry look? Or are you looking for a conveniant way to speed up your make-up time? Ready to say goodbye to your mascara and eyelash curler?


Why Choose Body FX for eyelash extensions?

At Body FX, our lash specialists are trained professionals. Eyelash extensions are meticulously applied lash-by-lash, bonded with medical-grade adhesives. Don't be fooled by cheap prices and other eyelash extension products that don't make the grade. You will get what you paid for! Your lash extensions will feel natural and blend in with your own lashes. Forget about those false strip lashes you have to put on everyday or those messy lash growth liquids that can irritate your eyes. Eyelash extensions are no longer just for celebrities. You can look like Hollywood's elite without paying outrageous Hollywood prices!

body fx eyelash extension
1. What is the Process?

A lash specialist will meet with you for a consultation. They will take the time to do a thorough intake of the client's lifestyle and speak with the client about client's expectations. They will recommend a lash style based on your characteristics and what you are wanting. We are able to customize every lash application, from natural to dramatic long thick sultry lashes. 


Choose from:

  • Natural - A conservative set of lashes to give you a natural look

  • Flirty - Natural lashes with a flirty flare

  • Glamorous - Full and gorgeous lashes

  • Hollywood - Most luxurious fullest and longest lashes...can we say DIVA!



For a Limited Time!

body fx eyelash extensions before
body fx eyelash extensions after



First Full Set......  $250

Returning - Client

Full Set..............  $200

3 Week Refills..................  $55

2 Week Refills..................  $45

Weekly Lash.....................  $35

Mink............. Add $49

Color Lash...........  $40

Lash Removal.....  $50

*If applied by someone else...... $60



As a member lashes will be more affordable and 25% discount on all additional services    

First Full Set......  $250

MEMBER Refills

1 lash refill per month.................  $45

2 lash refills per month.................  $80

Before & After

Actual Client Photo of Natural Lah Look

After your look is chosen, your stylist will add semi-permanent lash extensions one-by-one to your natural lashes. Our lash technicians will work thoroughly, safely and artistically to bond your natural eyelashes to the extensions. When done correctly, they will look and feel like your own natural lashes accentuating your face to emphasize your beauty.


2. Why Use Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions?
  • Lash extensions are natural looking.

  • You are able to customize and size them however you like.

  • They are waterproof and is resistant through showers,sweating, tearing, and swimming.

  • No need for makeup, glue, hair growth gels, eyelash curlers or lash strips.

  • Spend less time getting yourself ready and more time living life.


3. How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Your eyelashes shed naturally. Therefore, the extensions last as long as your natural lashes do. They usually last 4 - 8 weeks. You will have to come in for occasional touch-ups to your lashes every 2 - 4 weeks. How often you need a touch-up will depend on your natural lash growth patterns and how well you maintain your lashes. Your lash specialist will give you after-care instructions in properly caring for your lash extensions. Products are also available for purchase to help maintain your luscious new lashes.


4. Are Lash Extensions safe?

Body FX only uses pharmaceutical grade adhesive. Synthetic eyelashes are adhered about 1mm away from your skin and never comes in contact with your skin.


5. Can I Still Get Lash Extensions If I Wear Contacts?

Yes you can. Since lash extensions do not touch your eyes, they will not conflict or interfere with your contacts or normal daily activities.


6. What Can I Do Before My Appointment?


  • Please wash your lashes 30 minutes in advance of arriving. Be sure they're dry and as oil-free. This is an important step. If you fail to do this, bonding of eyelash extensions will not be optimal.

  • Please arrive without makeup and please do NOT curl your natural lashes. 

  • Please arrive on time or a few minutes earlier for all refill appointments. For new clients, please arrive 15 minutes in advance to fill out our intake form and questionnaire. 


7. How Do I Take Care Of My Eyelash Extensions?
  • Our lash specialists will give you special instructions to take home on the care of your eyelash extensions

  • We recommend you wait 24 hours before wetting your eyelash extensions

  • Avoid hot steam and saunas

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes

  • Do Not curl or perm your lashes

  • Do not use oils or oil based products- they will dissolve the bonding agent.

  • If you use mascara, which is really not required, please do NOT use waterproof or oil-based mascaras. Only use water-based mascaras and eye makeup remover.


Make your Appointment TODAY! Call NOW!!!


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