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Body FX is on Fox 26 News! Topic: Curvy Women and the Men Who Love Them

If you're sick of seeing size 0 models plastered on magazines, or hearing “thin” used as a synonym for “pretty", then you'll like this topic we are focusing on. Our FOX26 team is diving into the world of voluptuous women, and searching for the men who love them.

With runway models, and slender actresses everywhere, it may surprise a lot of people to learn the average American female body is actually a size 14 not a size 0, or even a 6.

We've spent years idolizing women on the runway. You could say their bodies are part of the 'heroin chic' movement brought to us by millions of advertisers from around the world. But are things starting to change?

We're talking about embracing your curves and it seems society is doing just that when you look at this recent Sports Illustrated magazine, or watch the Dove Campaign for real beauty. Real women with real bodies. It's what we found when we hit up some clothing stores around Houston

"Big girls taking' over!" One shopper happily said.

Big girls taking over, a true sentiment indeed when you see signs all over stores that read "big and beautiful."

"Personally I like a nice curvy beautiful woman," one man told us at the Texans Bar and Grill. He's definitely not alone. Turns out most men we talked with at sports bars around Houston prefer a larger woman versus a stick skinny model.

"It shows they're voluptuous. It shows they're confident. It shows so much about them," David Daniel's said.

"I think they should absolutely embrace their body's. I think the woman's body is beautiful. Way better than a man's body that's all I've got to say," another lover of curves, Sean Jnoe said.

But it's not all WE have to say at least if we're talking about men who like fuller figured. Turns out, aside from sports bars, they can also be found online scouring websites like is a website that celebrates all women of every shape and size.

"When you think of hourglass you think of being feminine," Susan Nguyen is a th


"Women, we were born from the beginning to hold fat in certain areas, in our chest, in our bottoms. That's because we were supposed to be able to have child bearing hips to bear children. That's the way it should be."

Slowly, our society is jumping on board too after decades of pushing women to lose weight and buy diet products, finally the realistic endeavor of loving yourself may be at the forefront. If it were up to most men, that's the way it always should be.

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