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Did You Know Asian People and Men Has a Higher Rate of Visceral Fat?

This isn't the flabby fat you see under the surface of your skin. It's the fat that is surrounding your vital organs. This is the fat that can lead to heart attacks, diabetes, etc... So if you are Asian and seem pretty slim you can still be a skinny fat person. You can still be unhealthy deep inside. Men if you have a round and hard belly that is a bad sign. Remember you rather have soft and flabby than round and hard. Fortunately we at Body FX can help lessen the problem and put you back on track to being healthy with our many body contouring services. Our non-invasive lipo can actually penetrate the visceral fat and remove fat cells permanently so you can lead a healthy lifestyle without deathly complications. Start living better TODAY! CALL NOW! 832-613-1654

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